Mate Jankovic - Top Chef, media personality and tireless advocate of Croatian cuisine

June 21, 2021

Mate Jankovic is one of the top chefs in Croatia, a TV personality, and one of the judges of Croatia Mater Chef. He is also a food consultant, private chef, and tireless advocate of Croatian cuisine. He was a featured with late Anthony Bourdain on his...

Tedi Chiavalon- Cofounder Chiavalon Olive Oil.

May 24, 2021

In this episode of Flavor of Croatia, Zeno Hromin interviews Tedi Chiavalon, one-half of the due behind Chiavalon Olive oIl brand. Today, Chiavalon is the most awarded Croatian olive oil producer. The Chiavalon family has over 7.500 of their own olive...

Domagoj Boljar- Co-Founder of Miret Eco Sneaker Co

May 4, 2021

In this episode of Flavor of Croatia, Zeno Hromin interviews Domagoj Boljar , one of the principals behind Miret Sneakers. Along with his brother Hrvoje they craft shoes with 7 amazing plants: hemp, kenaf, cork, corn, jute, eucalyptus, rubber tree and...

Ivan Vuković- Dubrovnik Guided Tours

April 21, 2021

Ivan Vuković is a licensed tour guide in Croatia for Dubrovnik area. Traveler by soul, tour guide by passion, photographer by love, black belt owner in judo. Traveled to 120 countries around the globe. National Geographic co-host and...

Mia Dimšić - Croatian singer-songwriter

April 5, 2021

Super popular best selling singer-songwriter.

Andrea Pisac- Author of Croatian Desserts Cookbook

March 16, 2021

In this episode of Flavor of Croatia, Zeno Hromin interviews Andrea Pisac , the driving force behind the Croatia Honestly blog and author of the very popular Croatian Desserts cookbook. Zeno & Andrea discuss Croatian Traditional Easter customs,...

Fran Reizl - Vrsna Chocolates

Feb. 26, 2021

Interview with Fran Reizl, maker of Vrsna Chocolates. Get more info at https://www.vrsna-chocolates.eu/ From the darkest to the pink, from those with the dots of autonomous Dalmatian breed to the chocolates that are perfect souvenirs because they have...

Robert Jerin - Croatia Heritage Tours and Cruises

Feb. 14, 2021

Interview with Croatian Genealogist and Unique Tour expert Robert Jerin

Nin Saltworks- The Caviar of Salt

Jan. 30, 2021

interview with Sanja Stamenić Oštrić, Managing Partner and Marketing Director of Solana Nin


World Best Sheep Cheese is made in Croatia

Jan. 15, 2021

Interview with Martina Pernar, marketing director of Paška Sirana

Trailer: Flavor of Croatia Podcast

Jan. 4, 2021

Flavor of Croatia Podcast takes you on a journey of exploring Croatian food and recipes, Croatian culture, travel, and history through interviews with anyone who has a fascinating  Croatian story to share. Join your host Zeno Hromin as he...