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Great podcast!

This podcast has interesting guests and is informative! Croatia is such a beautiful country and part of my heritage. I will go back and enjoy the beauty. In the meantime, I will enjoy the foods Adriatic Gourmet has available! Thank you Zeno.

Really interesting

Found out about this podcast when I bought a few things from Adriatic Gourmet. Really interesting to hear the human stories behind the delicious food! Makes me miss Croatia, can’t wait to go back.

Flavor of Croatia

Awesome podcast, loved learning about one of my my favorite cheeses paški sir. Only the first episode and I can already tell how much potential there is for more. Can’t wait to listen! Loved being able to resonate with what the guest speaker and host said about Island life and how incredible it is to see products from our little country and sometimes our even smaller islands being represent internationally.

Flavor of Croatia

I always enjoy my wine with some delicious Croatian Paski Cheese! Thank you for the information on Paski cheese & the Island Pag where the Paski cheese comes from! ❤️🇭🇷

AMAZING First Episode!!!

What a great way to start 2021 by learning about beautiful Croatia and all its culture!!!

Awesome podcast about Croatian food - finally!

This is a a wonderful introduction to the amazing culinary delights Croatia has to offer. It was very informative and told in a very interesting way - the stories about cheese making and the island of Pag will make you want to go there yourself right away. I’m looking forward to many more episodes!

Flavor of Croatia podcast

I watched this with a Croatian born friend. we both enjoyed learning more about Pag Cheese and all that goes into to making a special cheese. Having visited the Island of Pag I could envision the dramatic, moon-like landscape of this Croatian Island and almost sensed the aroma and taste of Pag Cheese. Thank you Zeno for taking time to make this podcast

Great Podcast

Finally a podcast about my favorite place in the world! Hope you guys keep them coming

Great info for those who wish to learn about Croatia.

Great info about the famous cheese from the island of Pag. Something every cheese addict should try!